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_Fates_of_the_Unicorns_ by DragonTalon (Rev 1)

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A dragon raid into furry lands ravages several unicorn villages, taking hundreds of unicorns back as slaves.  This series follows sixteen mares as they adjust to their new lives as slaves of their dragon Master.  One by one their fates will be sealed by the choices they make, and the whims of their new owner.

This is an adult work of fiction.  Scenes range from erotic to hard-core and extreme fetishes.

Chapter 2 - Welcome
Dana woke stiff and sore from sleeping the night on the hard stone.  This was not unusual and she was used to it, as well as sleeping in close contact with the other captives.  What made her pause was the large form of Tamira half-laying on top of her, cuddling warmly.  The warriors head was nestled against an arm and her side, one arm was draped over her breasts, one leg bent and resting over hers.  She pondered how to squirm out from under the heavy mare when a guard clapped her hands loudly, making Tamira jump up and turn to face the noise, a hint of a blush on her face as she glanced at Dana.

"Wake up, girls!  Time to  get your bridles and muzzles back on, and hands cuffed behind your back.  If you need help, we can put them on for you.  Now, you will dress yourself like this..." she said and moved to the nearest unicorn, silencing her protests by bridling and gagging her.  The guards pulled her hands behind her back, locked them to one end of the chain and ran it between her legs and up to her collar.  They then pushed her down, forcing her into a kneel.  "See this good girl?  You all do the same.  Now."

Dana looked around to see her bondage beside her and started to fumble with it, not remembering how it all went.  She was not alone as several other unicorns also were having trouble, but the guards were more than happy to offer, or in many case, demand to help.

"Let me..." said Tamira softly, taking the muzzle from Dana's hands and pausing until Dana nodded softly.  She slipped the bridle over Dana's face, making sure it was settled comfortably and snapped and buckled it in, then pressing the ball gag to her lips with a whispered, "Sorry" as she pushed it in and strapped it to the bridle.  With her hands on Dana's shoulders she turned her around and locked the cuffs to one end of the chain, then bent down to pass it through Dana's legs, avoiding her eyes as she pulled it up between her breasts and began to lock it to the collar.

Dana mrrrfed and squirmed as the cold chain pressed up against her nether lips, settling into place between them, a familiar but unwanted feeling.

Tamira blushed deeply this time, "Sorry... its short.." and stepped back, bending down to begin donning her own.  She quickly slipped into the muzzle and gag, and attached the chain to the front of her collar before placing her hands behind her and with a thrusting motion, made the chain swing back to catch it and attach it to her wrist cuffs.

One of the lupine guards clapped, having watched the performance, "Well done, girl... you've got talents."  She winked and licked her lips with a leering grin and causing Tamira to both blush and scowl.

A few minutes later all sixteen unicorns were bound and kneeling and Dana wondered what was to happen.  A guard placed her hand on the wall again, and once more soft tinkling sounds came from the bondage as it locked itself.  She sat kneeling and waited, working the gag in her mouth, feeling humiliated and helpless by it.  It was not long before the doors were opened, and a shimmering metallic blue dragon stepped into the cave.  Dana shivered at the sight of him, and many of the unicorns looked like they wanted to moved back, but none were willing to stand and try.

"Welcome to your new home, my slaves" said the dragon.  "My name is Master Rahmor, but you will simply call me Master when speaking to me" he said.  He was tall, a good foot higher even than Tamira and well muscled.  His tail moved slowly behind him, it's long scaly length easily matching his height.  A crest of light blue jutted up from his head, turning into a row of shark-like fins down his back and the entire length of his tail.  Two horns curved up from the sides of his head which was classic dragon.. protective eye ridges, flared nostrils, and of course a mouth full of wicked looking teeth.  He wore little other than a furry leather kilt that stopped just before his knees.  A criss-crossed leather band was worn over his chest, and various small items were tucked into it.  He wore no shoes, no headgear and no collar.. which made him the only one in the room without one.

He spoke as he began to move among the unicorns, "My my... I have been waiting for you all to arrive.  Such a slow march, but quite worth it.  For those of you who may still be confused, you have been captured by the dragon empire and sold to me as my slaves.  You are property.  I own you like I own my clothes, or I own a chair.  You have no rights.  You have no hope of rescue.  Your future will depend solely on my discretion."  He suddenly slapped one unicorn on the side of her muzzle, making her fall to her side and whimper at his feet.

Dana watched Tamira stiffen and twitch, clearly wanting to intervene.  Dana laid her tail against the warriors leg, making her turn her head, and then slowly nod, calming down.  Dana continued to watch the dragon fearfully, wondering what he was going to do.

"Life as a slave is NOT fair.  I hit her simply because I wanted to show you that, and because I enjoyed it" he said with a cruel grin and continued to walk among his property.  He stopped at one unicorn who was kneeling, but had no ball gag.  "And where is your gag, slave?" he asked with a growl.

The poor unicorn shivered and whimpered, "I... I..."

"Did you loose it?"

The unicorn nodded quickly, "Yes.. I.. um... ahhhhh!" she yelled as she was hit in the face, and then slapped a second time, cowering before the dragon.

"Liar.  My guards already told me you threw it off the cliff in disgust when you got it off.  But no matter.. I needed someone to make an example of, and you will do nicely"  he turned and continues his walk .

"Please.. I...  mmmmmph!" started the unicorn, but with a quick glance from her Master a guard moved behind her and clamped a hand over her mouth.  The unicorn struggled for a moment, and then slowly quieted, eyes wide in fear.

Dana cringed as the dragon walked past her, a hand reaching out to stroke Tamira's muzzle, getting a glare from the warrior and letting out a soft dragon chuckle, more like a rumble.  She looked down, not wanting to attract his attention, staring at the dragons feet, the wickedly curved claws.

"Now.. you probably wonder why you have been brought here?  it is very simple.. I wanted each of you for your extraordinary beauty.  You should be honored to know I had first pick of last summers raid, and I chose only the best.  You are all exceptional mares, any one of which would be the pride of a dragons collection, or horde as you would call it" he said, and reached down to caress the breast of a suddenly squirming and whimpering unicorn.  he have her nipple a tweaked and stood back up.  "Now... you also are wondering what I am going to do to you."  This brought much shifting of knees and worried snorts.  "You will all be placed in various positions in my household.  I have a wide variety of needs.  Some will be trained to wait on me, serving drinks, fetching items, kneeling at my side to wait orders.  Some might be trained as a consort, taught to charm guests and dance with heads of various tribes, accompany me on official and social occasions.  Others will be trained as my whores, devoting their time to learning how to please dragons, and me in particular."  

There were gasps and whines at this news and Dana felt her heart sink.  She knew she would eventually become a dragons plaything, but it had not sunk home until the dragon put it so bluntly.  She couldn't imagine taking that beast to bed.  Just the thought of it made her queasy.

"But I don't want you to get the wrong impression.  I WILL fuck every one of you.  My whores will be taken nightly, but if I see a maid going about her work and the desire strikes me.. I'll bend her over and fuck her until I am sated."  There were more whimpers, more snuffling of equine breath at the news.

"One of the first tasks you will perform is to pose as living statues for my pleasure, decorating my lair.  There is a nasty little snake that uses it's venom to paralyze it's prey.  But it's victim doesn't simply collapse, but it's muscles lock in place.  It likes to find a small group of prey and bite them one at a time.  The poor things have no idea their companions have been bitten until it's too late." he said, explaining.  He grabs the horn of a unicorn, holding her head still with a firm grip, "Posed for an hour, you will be sore and in much need of a good stretching.  Posed for a day, and you will have terrible cramps and be unable to walk until you recover.  For a week, or more? Well I only do that if I decide a slave is of no other use to me.  There are many fates worse than simple and quick death you see."

Rocking slightly back and forth Dana moaned to herself at the words and the cruelty behind them. Her mind showed her visions of standing at attention for the rest of her life... years.. decades staring straight ahead in whatever pose the dragon had chosen for her.  He wouldn't truly do that.. would he?  She shuddered.. he bought them.  He plans to turn them all into slaves.. of course he would.

Rahmor reached the end of the line of kneeling unicorns and began to walk along behind them.  He continued his speech, "There will be times when orders are simple and easy to obey, like kneel or sit.  Other times, orders might be difficult.  You might not want to do them.  But remember this, slaves.  You will ALWAYS be better off obeying.  Disobedience will be punished, and the punishment will always be much worse than the task you refused."

A unicorn girl squirmed as Rahmor bent down behind her and unlocked her wrist cuffs before stepping over her and turning back to face her.  He held out his hand and one of the guards placed a small whip in his hand made from a slim branch about two feet long.  He handed it to the unicorn who took it very reluctantly.  "Swing it in the air slave, make it swish nicely."

The mare's hand shook as she held it and gave it a quick little jerk which did nothing.  She tried again, slashing it in the air and this time it made a little whistling noise as it cut through the air.  She looked up at the dragon fearfully.

Rahmor nodded, "Very good.  Now.. swing is just as hard.. but hit your thigh with it."

Moaning the mare bit her lip nervously, looking at the whip and then looking at the dragon in front of her and making a decision.  She brought the whip up and down onto her thigh and cried out in the gag as it hit with an audible smack.  She winced, tears leaking from her eyes as she rocked in pain.

"Yes... you knew that if you did not hit yourself, I would.  And it would hurt much worse my slave.  Now... you have until the count of three to hit the thigh of the unicorn to your left, just as hard.  One..." he said.

This time her eyes widened in shock and she looked to her left.  That unicorn was wide eyed as well and looking at the whip in fear.  Her hand trembled more as she mumbled something, the gag making it impossible to tell.


She clenched the whip firmly and raised it up, the unicorn next to her whimpering and shaking her head.  But she brought it down anyway with a light swing, only really tapping the unicorn's thigh, unable to make herself hit hard.

"Three" the dragon said with finality.  "That was not very good, slave.  It didn't even make a sound."  He took the whip from the girls unresisting hand and gave it four quick, harsh swings.  The first two struck her on the left side of each breast, the second pair hitting the right sides.  The sound was loud in the cave, the swish harder and the smack sharper than when the girl had used it on herself.

The unicorn girl yelled out through her gag and then cried as she hugged her chest, whimpering.  She sniffled, eyes closed and jumped in fear as she heard the swish of the branch swing again.

The other unicorn girl was the one to yell this time, her breasts receiving the same punishment, and a fifth one against her thigh where the light hit had tapped her.  She howled in her gag as well, whining and squirming.

"Remember, slaves.  If you fail to obey, the punishment will be worse.  For everyone involved."  Master Rahmor turned and spoke suddenly, "Chain them up and bring them" he ordered and walked out the doors, closing them behind him.  

Dana shuddered as the dragon left.  He was so cruel.. how could he do that to those poor mares.  She realised she was one of those poor mares too.. they all were and she moaned.  The only good thing was that unicorns had very good natural healing.  The girls would be sore and in pain until the welts healed in a day or two, but there would be no scars, no permanent marks.  She gulped at a thought... was this really a good thing?  It only meant they could be hurt again and again.  She prayed the dragon didn't plan to use their gift against them, cursing all dragons and this one in particular.

The guards moved quickly, pulling each unicorn to their feet, lining them up and detaching the chain from the collar, and to the wrist shackles of the unicorn in front of her, making the familiar line.

Dana stumbled and managed to get moving fast enough to avoid too much pain, but there were lots of "mrrrrmphs!" and groans and stifled whinnies as they were led along.  They were taken deeper into the dragons lair, down and through twisting passages... the place was a maze.  Eventually they were lined up along the wall of a large cavern, the light dim.  The air was damp and it smelled of earth and moss.  And something else... like crushed leaves or bark or something she could not quite identify.  And she was sure she could hear a rustle of movement in the dark end of the cave.

"Time for an object lesson, slaves" said Master Rahmor who was standing in the dimly lit room.  A guard detached the unicorn who unwisely lost her ball gag and presented her to him, now completely naked.. her cuffs and collar having been removed.  He stroked the muzzle of the twitching and whimpering unicorn and softly said, "Goodbye, Evana."

.... Continued in Chapter 3 ....
Fates of the Unicorns - Chapter 2 - Welcome

A dragon raid into furry lands ravages several unicorn villages, taking hundreds of unicorns back as slaves. The story follows a group of mares as they adjust to their new lives as slaves of Master Rahmor. One by one their fates will be sealed by the choices they make, and the whims of their dragon Master.

NOTE: To avoid violating deviantArt's no-porn policies, I have avoided posting the rest of the chapters which include a great deal of unicorns being violated instead. :)

The rest of the nearly 70 chapters are hosted on my furaffinity and sofurry pages, both listed under DragonTalon. Feel free to read them there and leave me comments or notes here if you prefer. I am fairly active here these days posting fan art.

Prev: Chapter 1

Preview icon is (C) CurioDraco and used with permission.
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